How Does RELETEX™ Work

Reletex™ is a patient controlled transdermal neuromodulation device that generates uniquely programmed pulses to stimulate the median nerve on the underside of your wrist.  These pulses (specific in waveform, frequency, and intensity) create electrical signals that travel to the central nervous system and the higher emetic center in the brain. These signals act to positively modulate neural pathways, via the vagus nerve, thus restoring normal gastric rhythm and help to relieve nausea.

It is theorized that once the Reletex™ produced neural signals reach the emetic center, they act to positively modulate the various anti-nausea and vomiting feedback mechanisms and neural pathways.   Reletex™ restores the normal gastric rhythms in the stomach back to normal (via modulation of the vagus nerve).  Reletex™ safely uses the body’s own natural neural control pathways to help relieve symptoms of Postoperative Nausea*.

Watch How Reletex™ Gives Your Patients the Power to Take Control of Their Postoperative Nausea

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*As an adjunct to anti-emetics